New eTwinning project-Keep fit and be healthy

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The project is going to show students that eating healthy and keeping fit is very important in our lives,

Biology, Foreign Languages, Health Studies, Informatics / ICT, Physical Education, Primary School Subjects, Psychology
Pupil’s age:
8 – 15
Tools to be used:
Audio conference, Chat, e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Web publishing
The project’s aim is to show the importance of healthy lifestyle. We would like to make our students aware of the fact that what they eat now and how much sport they do, will have an impact on their future lives. hide
Work process:
September – October: students get to know each other – presentations about themselves, schools and cities/countries November – a questionaire about sports and eating habits- to find out how often students do sports and what they eat– results are published December – January – a healthy cookery book is made (each country prepares a recipe for healthy breakfast,lunch and dinner – they are put together and the book is made) February – March – my breakfast – students take photos of their breakfast every day, photos are published; let’s make a healthy breakfast – in class students prepare healthy breakfast – photos taken, videos recorded April – presentation about a famous sportsman/sportsclub from partner cities May – making advertisement of something healthy (video/poster/whatever we want to) June – online games,evaluation of the project hide
Expected results:
The Twinspace of the project will be the final results. After each month we will also have some smaller outcomes for example a photo album of our breakfasts, hide

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