New eTwinning project-A.B.C.: Active Book Club

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At this project we are going to create a transnational Book Club and vote for a book in English language, which all the participants will work on. We expect to read the book, create a card game based on the content of the book, exchange the card games between schools that participate on the project, have an online contest – game on the themes that the book presents, have creative writing based on some topics of the book, like the characters and their life, the historical period and its affect on the heroes life and the finale of the book. The upper purpose is to like the book and finally live the magic of what we read, what we understood, what we felt and what we wished to be happened if things were different. Book club is an excellent way of encouraging pupils to read widely and frequently, inside and outside school, and of improving reading and spoken language skills.

Art, European Studies, History, History of Culture, Language and Literature, Philosophy / Logic, Psychology, Social Studies / Sociology, Technology
Pupil’s age:
15 – 18
Tools to be used:
Chat, e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Video conference, Web publishing
1) To search on the Literature field for something interesting and affective for pupils 2) To understand and analyze human characters, human actions, human feelings and human relationships only by reading them. 3) To find the treasure that is hidden in an author’s written papers 4) To re-write some themes of the book in a creative writing way 5) To have fun and play a game with a book 6) To use a book for cooperation 7) To recognize the value of the Literature hide
Work process:
1)We find partners for our project 2)We plan the project (activities & time period) 3)We create the Book Clubs, we name them and present ourselves 4)We vote for a book that we are going to work on 5)We schedule our activities and the work has to be done in transnational teams 6)We read our book 7)We talk about the content of the book, make questions and have answers 8)We play an online game and a card game based on our book. We have fun with it! 9)We have creative writing. Become authors in the text of an author 10)We give publicity to our work 11)We express our experience on a common transnational project that teaches us to read and act with passion. hide
Expected results:
1)Instilling in pupils the passion for reading. Pupils who love reading will read more and, over time, choose Literature which is more demanding. 2)The Book Club creates a circle: as the amount a pupil reads increases, his reading attainment improves, which in turn encourages him to read more. 3)Find the magic in the words. 4)The Book Club will give pupils the chance to discuss in a non-classroom setting the book they have read and to develop their love of Literature through discovering a new author and a new story. 5)To go a step over and be pupils-writers of a new version of the book based on their fantasy, knowledge and their creativity. 6)To cooperative in a creative way 7)To learn and develop skills in a common project hide

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