A Slave

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Murillo was a great painter in Spain. He painted beautiful pictures and he had many students. Once he came to his studio and found a very beautiful picture there. He asked his students who had painted that picture but nobody answered. Then he asked his slave Sebastian if he had seen somebody in the studio the night before. The slave didn’t answer. When the night came and everybody came away Sebastian began to paint. He didn’t think of the time. Suddenly he heard a noise behind him. When he turned round he saw Murillo and his students watch him quietly. ‘’Sebastian”, cried Murillo, “you are a very good painter. How did you learn to paint?” “I took my lessons from you, master”, the slave answered. “From me? I have never given you lessons”, said Murillo. “But you gave lessons to your students, and I heard them”, answered the slave. Murillo was a very honest man. He understood that the slave was very gifted painter, so he gave him freedom and began to work with his slave, who was not a slave any longer.

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