Schoolovision 2018


The project is for the 6th grade students

About the project

Back for the 10th year running, Schoolovision is a primary schools’ version of the Eurovision Song Contest.


All participating classes to represent their country by choosing and performing a song that will be uploaded to the project TwinSpace.

Work process

Once all partners are assembled, the rules will be available via the project page. All partners need to study the rules and agree to work with their pupils to choose a song representative of their own country. Then, the partners and pupils need to collaborate closely, to discuss, to work out how to present their chosen songs to the rest of Europe. This needs very careful consideration, to such things as how the song will be sung, which instruments might be used, how it will be videod and so on.

Expected results

All countries and partners to gain experience of direct collaboration with their class peers, with their project partners and a chance to learn directly from each other about the various cultures from all the countries, via both the fantastic videos. The website itself gives the pupils the chance to read about each participating country, to view the videos, to comment upon each of them, and to show their friends, parents and local communities what they have taken part in, and what they have learned through the whole process.