Grandma’s stories in 2080


The project is for 10-11th grade students

About the project

Stories are powerful tools for education and to create change. Through storytelling, students will not only reflect on serious issues such as environment, quality education, gender equality, peace and justice, etc… but also develop their language skills and creativity along with other skills! The idea is for the students taking part in the project to co-write Grandma’s Stories to her grandchildren. The students project themselves to the future 2080, to be telling stories from their past. As for the themes evoked in the stories, they will be inspired from the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.


– develop the students’ language skills.
– develop the students 21st century skills.
– create a cultural exchange between the different partners in the project.
-practise writing as a process
– design a book cover
– sketch a scene from the story
– analyze others writing
– evaluate others writings and one’s own writings according to a set of criteria in a rubric.
– apply their knowledge (the elements of a story, language grammar and punctuation rules, coordination and use of linkers, etc…) to create their
– collaborate with peers to achieve a task.
– use ICT to accomplish a task
– use ICT to collaborate with peers online.

Work process

September- October
Brainstorming with partner teachers.
Ss introduce themselves to the group of the partners from the different schools
Ss are brainstormed about the project
November- December
Ss share a Grandma Story in the form of a podcast/vodcast
Ss infer the common characteristics and elements of the stories
Ss form multi-national groups
Ss realize WebQuests about the Sustainable Development Goals
Ss present their work in a video conference to the various groups.
January- March (Collaborative activity)
4 teams are formed, each with 4 students from different countries
Ts plan a virtual meeting with an expert; a writer
4 groups of multi national Ss brainstorm for their stories
Ss write a 1st draft of the story, share their draft on a shared Padlet
The Ss edit their drafts according to the feedback they get from their peers and from their Ts
Ss illustrate the book cover of the story
Ss contribute to the 2080 Grandma’s Stories on Madmagz
April: evaluation and dissemination

Expected results

– an e-book: written in collaboration with the different partner students gathering all their creative writing stories.
– Podcasts/vodcasts containing some grandma’s stories from each partner country for a cultural exchange.
– Participants interact with an expert (a writer)
– Students e-portfolios showing evidence of students effective participation, reflection and progress.
– An exchange via video conferences, wikis, and the e-twinning workspace.
– Collaborative mind maps created by the different groups of students in which they decide about their activities, the tools and “the skeleton” of their stories