INTERnational Cuisine


Project for 9th grade students

About the project

Making a national dish of another country with some possible local substitutions


1. Increase students’ motivation for studying English
2. Develop their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills
3. Improve students’ digital skills: making videos, taking photos, typing descriptions, preparing PowerPoint presentations
4. Develop creativity
5. Develop practical skills of preparing food and house management
6. Broaden students’ knowledge of other countries’ traditions
7. Popularize etwinning within students’ families by possible involving students’ parents in a project


1. Students make presentations of their teams
2. Students from country “A” choose a national dish and write its recipe with some additional information about it (how it is served, when people eat it, may be some historical facts…)
They don’t tell the name of that dish and they don’t tell one of its basic ingredients.
3. They share all the information above with students from country “B” through twinspace.
4. Students from country “B” try to make the national dish of country “A”. They have two options:
a) they may try to guess what dish it is (e.g. by surfing the Internet). Thus, they will know all the ingredients needed.
b) they creatively substitute the unknown ingredient with something else. This way they add some national flavor to the dish.
Students may have some problems even with known products (they may not be on sale in their country). In this case they also use substitution.
5. Students make presentation describing the process and the result
6. Friendly comments on stage 5


Students should learn how to present their national cuisine in a foreign language using digital tools. Some new “international recipes” can be posted in a blog.