The European Chain Reaction 2018


The project is for the 6-7th grade students

About the project

The European Chain Reaction is a science/art project for primary schools wishing to create, film and upload a “Rube Goldberg / Robert Storm Petersen-like” chain reaction. This project is also a competition! The school which uploads the most astonishing, creative chain reaction not only wins a trophy, but also wins tons of faim! In the end all short chain reactions will be emerged into ONE BIG EUROPEAN CHAIN REACTION! Go and visit our blog at:!


In The European Chain Reaction primary school children are challenged to build the best rube-goldberg-machine. In this arty STEM-project children’s CREATIVITY is put to the test. Problems that WILL arise have to be tackled in the best possible way. Children have to think in steps: What is the problem? / How can we fix it? / We execute! / We evaluate! … and we start this process over and over again until things work as originally planned. Children are obliged to COOPERATE within school because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
Teachers who are in the project can achieve a lot of goals in a very short period of time! Of course there are the goals in science. Almost every goal in the Belgian science curriculum is integrated into this project! Besides the obvious science goals children learn a LOT about social skills. Children have to learn how to COMMUNICATE with each other in a crisis situation (when things don’t work and the deadline is approaching)

Work process

– Your kids present themselves in a short video. The best way to do this is by presenting themselves in a human chain reaction. This video should be uploaded by Friday December 23rd 2017.
– You and your class will have until Friday January 13th 2018 to create, practice, film and upload a video of your chain reaction to a videosite (like Vimeo, Youtube, …) and embed it in this blog.
– When all videos are uploaded to the blog every school will watch the entries of the other participants and will decide on wich countries receive wich amount of points.
– On Friday January 27th the class of Dave will record a newsflash announcing who will be the winner of the project. The link to this video will be kept secret until Monday January 30th 11:00
(Brussels time).
– On Monday January 30th 11:00 Brussels time the video will be embedded into the website, so everyone can find out how well they scored in this competition and how fabulous the ECR 2018 really is!

Expected results

Main goal of the project is too make children enthusiastic about technology. Each school creates a Rube Goldberg machine. The outcome of the project is the European Chain Reaction (all school Rube Goldberg Machines combined into one big chain reaction.