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Project “Our school”



eTwinning projects for 2019-2020


About the project

The earth’s surface temperature has risen over the last 100 years. Atmospheric Administration Scientists believe carbon dioxide pollution is the primary culprit. The effects are highly complex on the world . Furthermore, within the past several years, scientists have found that oxygen (O2) in the atmosphere has been dropping, and at higher rates than just the amount that goes into the increase of CO2 from burning fossil fuels .
Mastermind project aims to teach students how to deal with the environmental problem of the increase Co2 , how to think and act to reduce the abundance of Co2 in the atmosphere , how to deal with environmenal challenges and problems that our communities face, and how to be able to spread awareness throughout their communities.
Additionally, Masterminds project offers a great chance for students to practice their social, emotional and digital competencies. In addition,the project offers a great chance for the students to practise their foreign language.


It is expected that students will ..
⚪comprehend the negative effects of the
increase Co2 on people and the climate
⚫educate students about their role in
standing up to increasing Co2.
⚪teach and reinforce the importance of
the environmental awareness.
⚫develop 21st century skills.
⚪encourage students to take full
responsibility for their learning
⚫enhance leadership skills.
⚪increase creativity and improve
intercultural communication and
collaboration skills.
⚫develop dialogue and respect.
⚪involve students in daily problem solving
within a framework of PBL.
⚫provide access to learning tools,
technologies and resources, expanding
the learning environment and create
solution to problems
⚪improve their digital and English

Work process

🔺 Masterminds Project will last for about one semester (From1 /9/2019 To 31/12/2019)

Calendar and Activities:
( 1-10/September):
⚫introduction of project’s partners.
Let’s get to know each other!
⚫using a word cloud tool ,CoSpacesEdu
( 11- 20 / September):
⚫ designing the project logo.
⚫ Survey
⚫ Critical thinking questions
⚫Brain storming – Our plant needs your help!
(21/ September To 10/ October):
⚫making presentations
⚫sharing online documents
⚫online meeting and discussion
(11- 25 / October):
⚫designing cards
⚫ posters, video, instructional games
( 26/ October To 10 / November):
⚫ advice sheets
⚫online workshop
( 11 November To 25 December ):
⚫jigsaw puzzle ( Problem Solving)
⚫feedback , assessment and evaluation
🔻 The activities will be done in a team . Teachers will act as an advisor, encourager, supporter, and monitor

Expected results

The final product will be a collaborative electronic environmental magazine with articles, facts and pictures.