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Project for the 7th graders

The project will encourage students to read and share experiences with others by reading and do some networking with use of the Internet. The students will read one book or choose to work with their favorite one. After they have read the books they make some trailer, or short movie to present the book and author.

Aims of the project

Main goals of this project are:
– Motivating students to read;
– Establishing direct contact among pupils from other countries;
– using ICT (e-mails, movies, photos and other apps presentations);
– empowerment of English;
– developing teamwork skills;
– cultivation of various techniques.

Working process

The project is very simple and it is meant to be short.
Make a short presentation about the class and school and post it on Twin space.
The children will read a book or choose their favorite one and make a trailer or a short movie about it. They can work individually/ in pairs or small groups. Then the movies will be put on the Twin space. It will be interesting to see if some books are the same in different countries. We will also have conferences about some books or authors.

Expected results

The final product will be a collection of videos and presentations which can be used anytime later.
The project will help our students to extend their general knowledge and get motivated to learn foreign languages. Students will also be able to see the practical value of foreign languages. Hopefully they will also be interesting to read some of the books other have read.

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