Democratic Participation

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A fictional eTwinning Galaxy with all the eTwinners has emerged. The community keeps growing, so eTwinners need to come up with their ideal scenario how they can best live and work together.

During the Spring Campaign eTwinners will have a chance to discover the different aspects of Democratic Participation that will help them to shape their ideas for their ideal eTwinning Galaxy. The Galaxy has been divided into five different planets, each of them focusing on a different theme. Each planet contains short activities for teachers and their classrooms.

Below you will find the outline of the campaign, and which themes will be covered the following weeks on the planets:

  • 18 March – 27 March: Human Rights
  • 28 March – 8 April: Law and Decision-Making
  • 9 April – 21 April: Sustainability and Environment
  • 22 April – 30 April: Media Literacy
  • 1 May – 9 May: History and Culture

At the end of the campaign you will be able to create your ideal eTwinning Galaxy with your students and share it with the other eTwinners.

We have opened a dedicated Group for this Spring Campaign, where you can:

  • Share your work for the activities
  • Collaborate and engage with other eTwinners
  • Find supporting pedagogical materials
  • Find the recordings of the online seminars
  • Discuss in the forums



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