We give the children a hand of love

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The project is for the 8th graders

About the project

It is necessary to direct the attention of the general public towards the realization of rights, needs and activities with children and for children, to organize special and appropriately selected games, events and creative activities of children and for children, to initiate new actions of wider importance for the development and upbringing of children, to encourage volunteer social and professional work of adults with children, as well as active participation of children in the activities of the local community and beyond.


Conduct selected program activities with children and for children, and encourage other associations, institutions and organizations for children to enrich their programs with Children’s Week and International Children’s Day programs and other events related to children.
The project aims to promote the equality of children with disabilities and young people with disabilities and their social inclusion in the regular educational process and community with peers.


– raising self-esteem and self-esteem and support in building community communication
– sensitizing the community to the problems of persons with disabilities and children and young people with special needs and disabilities
– develop close relationships with peers through joint activities and peer partnerships, thus laying the foundations for true integration into community life
– organizing humanitarian assistance
– Organizing meetings of students with disabilities and Small Volunteers



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