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Dear students, we have a great opportunity to realize our International project “A day without my mobile phone” during this week.




Task 1: “A day without your mobile phone”

  1. Fill in the padlet with the short information about yourselves: name, surname, age, grade, hobbies, interests, favourite activities, etc. Describe also what mobile phones you use and for what. 
  2. Let’s collect advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. Write your oppinion here. 
  3. A day without my mobile phone – how would you feel?
  4. Write an interesting short story: “A day without mobile phone”. It can be both imaginary and real.
  5. Don’t forget to send your essays on the following topic “Choose any historical event, in which mobile phones could change something”.


Task 2: “Climate Change and Environmental Challenges”.

This is a new project which deals wth the annual theme for this year in eTwinning.

Here, you can see a first article that was published in eTwinning! A part of our activities will concentrate on that topic in order to get ideas from each other that we can implement in our projects!
Climate is changing and we all noticed it somehow in our daily life. Facing already the effects of these Environmental Challenges we must understand the importance of joining hands to achieve common goals and spread our voice on promoting the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainability.

Answer these two queastions:

  1. What is Climate change for you?
  2. How do we know the Climate is changing?

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