All happiness in a day

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Short-term project-deadline April 25

  • Discussion: “What is happiness for me”?
  • Reading: “All summer in a day”, Ray Bradburry
  • Essay writing: ”All happiness in a day”
  • Listening: John Lenon’s song  “Imagine”, describe the world as it is described in the song
  • Watching a movie
  • Summary: “What is happiness for you”-Discussion:

  1. Find some quotes from the text that reflect how Margot is different from the other children.
  2. How do the other students feel about Margot?
  3. What could be an alternate title for the story?
  4. Based on what you’ve read in the story, drawing on evidence of Margot’s personality, how will she react when let out of the closet?



  1. Karine Gomtsyan
  2. Vahan Ter-Petrosyan
  3. Vahe Sargsyan
  4. Nora Baghdasaryan
  5. Vigen Hovakimyan
  6. Anna Harutyunyan
  7. Edgar Ghazaryan

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