A wonderful journey to meet each other

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eTwinning project


About the project

This project will allow students to get to know each other. It is about them as teenagers as well as about their countries, cultures and ways of life.
it will also motivate students to acknowledge who they are and where they belong in a fun way. It will be exciting to exchange information and to see how everybody can be involved, provided by partner schools, from a range of nationalities. The project will run from October 2021 to July 2022.


• Promote and support the respect for people
• Develop knowledge about countries and cultures
• Produce resources that will be disseminated locally and on the eTwinning space
• Use photos, apps, audio and visual equipment to present information
• Develop IT skills
• English will be the language of communication but other languages are welcome too, (ideally with subtitles).


• Firstly, investigate why culture and language are important.
• Organise workshops/presentations on their countries for children and parents.
• Make posters to promote culture.
• Ask families to share images of their favourite places and activities.
• Use the curriculum contents of several school subjects.
• Prepare IT presentations.
• Provide students with a list of given important knowledge and then exchange and compare with that of the other countries.
• Share the photos and videos.
• Create a survey to determine the possible common aspects.
• Assess the development of the project.

The project will run from October 2021 to July 2022.


Participants will increase their knowledge and hopefully develop habits of respect for each other and others. Students will also improve their search for knowledge and investigative skills. They will produce material to be shown at school and on Twinspace. The final product on the eTwinning website will be a collection of presentations and resources, together with a Wakelet, containing all the information they have gathered.

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