Two friends

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Two friends

Two friends were camping together. Their names were Jim and Tim. Tim was
very lazy. The first evening of their holiday, Jim said to Tim, ‘Here’s some
money. Go and buy some meat.’
‘I’m too tired,’ answered Tim. ‘You go.’ So Jim went to buy the meat.
When he came back, he said to Tim, ‘Now, here’s the meat. Please cook it.’
But Tim answered, ‘No, I’m not good at cooking. You do it.’ So Jim cooked the
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All summer in a day

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Learning Event 2020: 5 i’s or effective eTwinning projects for secondary schools

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The Learning event is devoted to secondary and upper secondary education teachers from all types of schools irrespective of the subjects they teach. It gives useful tips and presents ICT tools in order to enhance eTwinning projects with secondary schools students. The five letters “i” stand for introduction, inspiration, interaction, innovation and information, which are the main factors of a successful secondary education project. All these ingredients mixed with a pinch of the trainer’s experience guarantee a tasty dish just to be served to the students afterwards

“A day without my mobile phone” eTwinning project

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Students do the Tasks of eTwinning international project “A day without a mobile phone”.

They published their ideas on the following topics:

Tasks for distance-online learning

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Dear students, we have a great opportunity to realize our International project “A day without my mobile phone” during this week.




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The Mobile Tools for Inclusive Classrooms

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The Mobile Tools for Inclusive Classrooms LE introduces teachers to several tools tools. This LE is designed to help educators leverage these apps to meet the needs of diverse learners in the classroom. It also aims to serve the needs of all students, regardless of background, identity, or academic skillset. These intentional learning environments leverage flexible content delivery, provide targeted instruction, and encourage student reflection and ownership. Tools such as Microsoft Translator and Office Lens can enhance teachers’ current efforts to meet diverse needs within inclusive classrooms.