A magic autumn in my homeland

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eTwinning project

About the project

Each season has its wonders and charm, but many of us think that autumn is special, because autumn surprises us with its richness: juicy fragrant fruits and vegetables, colorful leaves, in many countries the new school year begins. This project is designed so that children enjoy the richness and beauty of autumn. Autumn colors, smells and tastes of the environment will be revealed with the help of drawings, paintings, poems, songs, photographs, but at the same time they will learn about the weather, human activities, events and autumn tradition of different countries. Students will have the opportunity to see how beautiful autumn is in different parts of the world. The project will encourage students to observe autumn and explore changes in nature, publish pictures of homeland in autumn and make a joint album and present their national autumn customs, sing autumn songs and practice communication skills.


Students will learn about the characteristics of the autumn time and the changes of the seasons in different countries. They will observe the autumn changes in nature and the activities of people staying in nature as often as possible. By marking the first and last days of autumn, they will additionally notice changes in the seasons and develop the ability to distinguish between early and late autumn. We will influence the development of a proper and healthy diet and the importance of consuming fresh fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. We will explore autumn in different countries and get to know different autumn national celebrations and customs in partner countries (picking fruits and vegetables, autumn fairs and events, harvesting autumn fruits in fields, etc.) Students will expand their awareness of nature conservation and the importance of physical activity in nature . Students will work in groups and individually and come up with texts, puzzles, drawings, fall decorations for school spaces, fall fashion accessories and pagers.


OCTOBER- Exhibition of autumn fruits and making cards with autumn fruits in mother tongue and English Organizing autumn fashion show (Clothes decorated with colorful leaves or autumn fruits, eg. autumn hat) Participation in national autumn events and customs (Bread Day, Thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth) , organizing the school autumn fair …)
16. 10. World Food Day
20.10. Apple Day
31.10. Halloween cut pumpkins and sweeten with pumpkin dishes

NOVEMBER: World Inventor’s Day, International Day for Tolerance, International Children’s Day. Choose a rainy day jumping over puddles, dancing in the rain under an umbrella. 


Students will get to know the fruits of autumn in different countries. The partners will publish pictures and videos of the implementation of project activities on the project page, so that students can expand their knowledge in an interesting way and acquire new knowledge about autumn. We will mark important autumn dates specific to each country, so students will learn about their meaning and learn about other cultures and customs. We will emphasize the importance of physical activity in nature. He will express himself artistically and creatively through literary works, drawings, making autumn decorative items, autumn pages. We will organize an exhibition of bakery products, autumn fruits, autumn fashion show. During the project, we will organize a video conference and students will make new acquaintances and friends. The results of the project activities will be presented on the project website.

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